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Charlene is undoubtedly Operation Restore Hope's most complicated surgical case. Born with a severe facial cleft, Charlene's parents had tried repeatedly to get treatment for their daughter. Although they were unable to afford such extensive surgery, they still searched, but no-one locally would even agree to take the case.

She appeared at our screening in April 2007 and we operated for over five hours, closing her open facial cleft. Whilst her scars will take some time to heal and more surgery needs to be done in each consecutive year, Charlene and her parents were overjoyed with the results.

A couple of months after surgery Charlene and her father returned for a post-op check and to get her medication for her TB (she is on a regular program). Charlene couldn't wait to get back to school and remarked to Dra. So-Sayo, "Gee, won't all my friends be surprised when they see me!"