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Operation Restore Hope 2017 Mission Report Back
Operation Restore Hope 2017 Mission Report Back
Operation Restore Hope 2017 Mission Report Back

ORH 2017 - Mission Report Back

2017 Mission Operation Restore Hope (ORH) New Zealand and Germany in cooperation with ASK Foundation Inc and Ospital ng Paranaque
Drs. Tristan de Chalain (NZ), Christopher Wachsmuth (Germany), ORH Mission Directors lead a team of 29 volunteers from New Zealand, Germany, Abu Dhabi, United Kingdom, Australia, USA, and the Philippines on  10th to 18th of March 2017.   They devote their voluntary time and expertise in the operation and care of children and adults with cleft lip and palate deformities at ORH host hospital, Ospital ng Paranaque (OSPAR) in Paranaque City, Philippines.

Cleft lip and palate is widely spread throughout the Philippines. For most patients, adequate treatment is unavailable due to their family’s financial circumstances and the lack of specialized hospitals within reach from their home places in the far flung provincial rural areas.
Our committed and strongest partner in the Philippines, ASK Foundation Inc., a charitable foundation, lead by Mrs Via Marquez Hoffmann provides full support on an annual continuous basis with free medical baseline screening of all patients coming from across the country.  The ORH designated representative in the Philippines,  ASK Foundation liaises with the Philippines government agencies to ensure that ORH meets regulatory compliance and its requirements in conducting an international medical mission.
Local hospital baseline screenings, including the vital satellite provincial screening units, were set up in Batangas, Laguna, Cavite and Quezon, with distance travel of 3 to 8 hours away from our host hospital in Paranaque.  Initial screening included clinical and physical assessments, blood tests, dental check and chest x-rays.  Continuing care with medical support is provided to those patients with significant clinical findings such as respiratory conditions needing medications and its on-going specialist care referral and follow-up.   The ASK Foundation provided full support to patients and their families,  return travel, meals and accommodation requirements in Manila, including post operative care follow-up to ENT Specialists and its travel/appointment logistics.

ORH 2017 final screening was held on the 12th March 2017 starting with patient registration and vital signs checked by the team  of nurses and administration staff at the main lobby of the Ospital ng Paranaque followed by review on the Out-Patient Department in Level 4 by ORH Surgeons and Anaesthetists, with final clearance for surgery done by Dr Neal Orteza, Hospital Director and his Paediatrician and Medical Team.  OSPAR Team, ASK Foundation Inc, Rotary Club of Paranaque and Philippines New Zealand Business Council team provided screening assistance and support.
Standard hospital procedures and policies on patient pre-operative admission, operating room, post anaesthetic, ward care up to their hospital discharge were followed and adhered at all times.
65 patients have been successfully operated during the week-long mission from 13th to 17th  March 2017.
13 patients were deferred for follow-up re-assessment due to their current unwell marked significant clinical status such as respiratory diseases.  Continuing health assessment and review referral to each patient’s regional and local medical practitioner including medication support were provided.  These patients will be recalled and reassessed for Year 2018 ORH medical-surgical mission.
ORH Team had an opportunity to offer specialist teaching and hands on maxillo-facial training to young doctors from East Avenue Medical Centre and Rizal Medical Centre whilst working alongside with the host hospital surgical, medical, nursing, pharmacy and administration team.
121 surgical procedures were successfully performed, and patients recovered well with no complications, monitored overnight in Paediatric Ward and discharged the following day with take home analgesia  (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen) and antibiotics (Cefalexin) medications including their ENT follow-up post-operative care following hospital discharge.
Procedures performed:
18 March 2017 Saturday culminates a very successful 19th Year of Operation Restore Hope in the Philippines. Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers including our patients and their families.  

The 20th Operation Restore Hope Medical-Surgical Mission to Manila is tentatively scheduled on the 18 – 24 March 2018.