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Operation Restore Hope 2016 - The First Day of Surgery
Operation Restore Hope 2016 - The First Day of Surgery

ORH 2016 - The First Day of Surgery

The team met at 5:30am and boarded the bus for the hospital. Despite leaving early, there is already traffic and the journey there take 1,5 hrs. The hospital staff had done a great job in preparing the theatres so that operating could begin punctually at 7-30. During surgery, as much work as possible is done but some children need not only one, but two or more, staged operations to repair their defects.

The first operations were successful and the parents are elated to have had the present of a free operation for their child. Following surgery, all patients are brought to the recovery room, where Pearl, the anaesthetic nurse, provides care for the child together with the mother.

Here, the child spends approximately another 2 hours together with it’s parents before returning to the ward, where further care is provided by nursing staff and the parents.

Important information is imparted to the parents regarding post-operative care and also further medication and toys are given to the little ones. Problem-free wound healing is  essential and paves the way for further development of the patient.

The first  15 operations, sometimes long ones,  were all performed today without any further complications. The result of surgery, in Kim’s case, can be seen and he will be feeling much better very soon and the pain, for which he receives medication, will be quickly forgotten. From today, his smile will brighten everyone’s day.

Finished! At approximately 7:30pm the last operation is over and the team start tidying up and preparing for the next day’s work. Fifteen cases  back to back makes for an  exhausting day for the entire team.

The bus brings the team back to the hotel at around 8:30pm and a short discussion of the plan for the following day takes place. A quick meal and the team retires to bed and because of the traffic situation, departure is early, at 5:30am, so that once again, they will be arriving early at the hospital!