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Operation Restore Hope 2016 - Before and After Results

ORH 2016 - Before and After Results

Although one can see major swelling in the vicinity of his freshly operated face, Tim's face shows the fist signs of excellent results.

Tim lives in a very poor district of Batangas approximately a 3 hour drive from south Manilla. People hear about the mission either through marketing buzz, posters hung up by the local health departments in the slums. Mnay of the inhabitants of the slums can neither read nor write. Because of this hurdle, volunteers pass appointemtns to the mission organizers orally.

Many parents visit the organizers to make appointments. Those of us fortunate enough to live in wealthy societies with intact social security and health insurance schemes, should not forget the plight of these unfortunate individuals. At minimal personal cost in terms of dollars, time and effort, together, through projects such as Operation Restore Hope, we can provide a brighter future for these poor individuals in their already challenging environment.