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Operation Restore Hope 2014 - Mission Report

ORH 2014 - Mission Report

The last day of surgery at “ Don Manuel Lopez Memorial District Hospital” in Batangas comes to a close. The week has been exhausting but successful with 112 operations being performed. Many of the children require at least one operation, but sometimes sequential consecutive surgery until the defect is totally repaired.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team on the Mission for their engagement and support. Specialists from Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Abu Dhabi worked together to ensure success. As long as the entire team pulls together with the same objective, then in the short time available, excellent qualified outcomes result.

We were able to provide so many children with a new perspective for their future through surgery. They are now able to communicate more easily, feeding is no longer an issue, and in their social interactions they are free of the stigmata surrounding their appearance before surgery.

We are thankful to discharge these children into the future with a confident smile!

And finally a big Thank You to all our  Sponsors, Partners and supporters without whose help this mission would not have taken place.