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Dave Chamley

dave chamley 125Dave is a graduate of Auckland Medical School in New Zealand. He trained in anaesthesia at Westminster and in Auckland, where he has worked at Middlemore Hospital as a specialist anaesethetist for over 20 years. Dave has a strong interest in anaesthesia for paediatric plastic surgery.

Dave joined Operation Restore Hope in 2004 and looks forward each year to sharing skills and experiencing the fantastic comradeship of the Operation Restore Hope team and the warmth of the Filipino people. He feels helping the needy people of the world is a way to give something back, and looks forward sometime to seeing something of the Philippines other than the less desirable parts of Manilla.

Dr Chris Flynn

chris flynn 125aChris joined Operation Restore Hope in 2005 as a Brian Horan Fellowship Anaesthetist. He returns each year to Manila looking forward to seeing the ORH team and getting to know some of the local parents and children.

Dr Simeon Eaton

sim1Simeon joined Operation Restore Hope in 2007 as a Brian Horan Fellow Anaesthetist. From Auckland, New Zealand, Simeon believes the mission is an excellent opportunity to use his skills for those in need. "It costs me relatively little, but gives me a great deal in terms of working with a superb group of people who are both dedicated to getting the work done and having fun while doing it".

Dr Chris Smit

chris smit 125aChris is a graduate of Auckland Medical School in New Zealand and did his post graduate training in paediatric anaesthesia in Western Australia and Toronto, Canada. He now works in Auckland as a Specialist Anaesthetist at Starship Children's Hospital.

Having been a part of Operation Restore Hope in Manila regularly since 2005, Chris lives in hope of one year having enough time and energy to explore the surfing options in the Philippines after the mission.

Dr Andrew Wong

andrew wong 125Andrew joined Operation Restore Hope in 2006 when he came along as a Brian Horan Fellowship Anaesthetist. He is currently working as a Specialist Anaesthetist at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. A graduate of Otago Medical School, Andrew did his Anaesthesia training in various hospitals in the Auckland area. He has particular interests in paediatric and regional anaesthesia.
Andrew hopes to further develop his karaoke skills on future missions to Manila.

Ewa Strick

ewa-strickTowards the end of my Anaesthesia training in New Zealand, I spent 18 months in Gasgow UK covering some general adult Anaesthesia, as well as a stint at Yorkhill Children's Hospital.

On my return to New Zealand 10 years ago, I took up a Consultant Anaesthetist position in Hamilton, working as one of six (now eight) Paediatric Anaesthetists in a Department of more than 40 Consultants. My practice involves approximately 50:50 adult:paediatric patients. My main interests include ENT, General and neonatal Paediatric surgery and Paediatric Plastic surgery. I feel honoured to be part of another ORH mission to the Philippines this year and am looking forward to it immensely.

Rachel Balite

rachel balite 125aussie flagRegistered Nurse
Rachel is a beloved and valued member of the ORH team, having been involved since 2005. Supervising the preparation and smooth running of the operating rooms, Rachel does all that she can to make our international staff feel as comfortable as they can in a foreign operating environment. “It is an honour to be an ORH team member, because it gives me a chance to help people, especially children. More power!"

Sheryl Flower RN

I work as a Practice Nurse for Tristan de Chalain in Auckland. My role includes assisting in the Operating Theatre. I was privileged to join  Operation restore Hope in 2013 as a volunteer.

Hector Gonzales

Hector 125nz flagRegistered Nurse
Originally from San Miguel, Bulacan in the Philippines, Hector joined Operation Restore Hope in 2002. He studied nursing at the Centro Escolar University in Manila and went on to practice nursing all around the world, before settling in New Zealand. He lives in Auckland and works as a Cardiology Research Coordinator for North Shore and  Auckland City Hospitals.. Hector loves returning to the Philippines each year to see the children of Operation Restore Hope, to catch up with family (and also to indulge his love of delicious Filipino food!)

Jenny Newall

I am a theatre nurse with over 30 years’ experience working in the healthcare sector in New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Israel & Saudi Arabia. Knowledge of all areas of the Operating Room, specialising in scruband surgical assistant. Positions include Melanographer ‘in training’, Senior Theatre Nurse, Theatre Sister, Theatre Manager, Training & Development Practitioner, Theatre Education Facilitator, ENT & Gynaecology Resource Coordinator.

I am currently working as a Theatre Nurse mainly specialising in Plastic Surgery. I am enjoying my role as surgical assistant or scrub nurse and looking forward to the challenge of working with Operation Retore Hope in the Philiilpines. I'm sure I will find it extremely rewarding.

Andre Peralta

andre peralta 125aussie flagAnaesthetic Nurse / Theatre Co-ordinator
Andre was born in the Philippines and lives in Sydney, Australia. He joined ORH in 2005 as an Anaesthetic Nurse. When he’s not managing the Day Surgery and Day of Surgery Centre at Sydney’s St George Private Hospital he co-ordinates supplies for each annual mission. He also plays a vital role translating Tagalog into English and vice versa. Andre loves being a part of the ORH ‘family’ and the special bonds of friendship and experience that each team member gains from a mission. He also gains immense satisfaction from the opportunity to aid his fellow countrymen and future generations of Filipinos. “The knowledge that I have in some way assisted to better a child’s life from disfigurement, pain and suffering and contributed to their physical and mental wellbeing going forward keeps me coming back”.

Anne Peralta

Anne Peralta 125aussie flagRegistered Nurse – Recovery
Anne joined ORH in 2005 along with her brother Andre. She works at Westmead Hospital in Sydney as a Recovery Nurse. Anne is proud to be a part of the ‘ORH family’ that is caring, compassionate and devoted to helping the Filipino community. The best part of the mission for Anne is seeing the change pre-operatively to post-operatively. She also loves being witness to the reaction and joy of the mothers and fathers of our patients upon seeing their children after surgery. As a speaker of Tagalog Anne is a key member of the team being able to translate from Tagalog into English and vice versa.

Pearl Ventura

aussie flagpearl ventura 125Registered Nurse – Recovery and Ward
Since 2001 Pearl has been coming back to the Philippines as part of ORH. As a Registered Nurse who speaks Tagalog she plays an important part both pre and post operation, translating instructions and details to patients, parents & relatives, surgeons and anaesthetists. She feels privileged to be able to help her countrymen in such a meaningful way and to see the reaction of parents after their children have had a cleft operation. For Pearl ORH is also a chance to meet different people from all over the world who come together to work on the mission. “The Philippines is blessed to have all these surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses from overseas coming each year to help us”.    

Desiree Sy

desiree sy 125aussie flagRegistered Nurse – Anaesthetics
Desiree joined the ORH team in 2007. She has always wanted to be involved in a mission and as a Filipino she is thrilled to be able to get involved with ORH in the Philippines. In Sydney, Australia Desiree works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist/Consultant within the Anaesthetic Department at Westmead Hospital. Although Desiree was born in Sydney, most of her relatives originate from the Philippines. “This experience has given me the privilege of working with a great team of people, all with the same goal of helping the local community of Caloocan”.

Ian Clark

ian-clarknz flagAnaesthetic Technician
My name is Ian Clark and I am married with three boys aged 16,14 and 12. I have been an anaesthetic technician both in New Zealand and the Uk for some twenty something years and have had some rewarding and interesting experiences.

But I have never embarked on taking on the experience of a journey such as the one I am about to take with Operation Restore Hope. This is going to be a journey on which I will travel with a small amount of trepidation but one which I think will be rich with rewards.

Dr Garcia

phillippinesChief Resident
Since February 2006 Dr Garcia has been involved with ORH at our Hospital in Caloocan. She feels Operation Restore Hope helps not only local children and their parents, but also local medical staff to become more confident in their professions. She has been involved in several other medical missions in the past but feels ORH is her most worthwhile. “I think this program gives more, because it greatly affects the children’s futures”.

Ferdiliza Dandah S. Garcia

phillippinesSpeech Pathologist
Dr Garcia educates many of the parents of ORH patients about cleft lips and palates. Every year she conducts pre operative screening on the speech and language ability of children who have cleft lips and palates. Dr Garcia also continues to work with the children after the mission leaves each year, step by step towards full rehabilitation. She loves being able to help the children maximise their potential through working with ORH.

Andrew Henry

nz flagAnaesthetic Technician
I have worked in the health service since 1983. I started in London, but am now in NZ. In that time I have met many Pilipinos, and made many friends. In London they would take me to the annual Fiesta. There I would sample many Pilipinos dishes, Halu Halu, Chitcharon Balak Lak and Sissin Pork to mention a few. My friends always said 'go to the Philippines, you'll love it'. So when I was approached by ORH to join their 2010 mission as their Anaesthetic Technician, I jumped at the chance.

The Philippines was more than I could of imagined. The heat, the smells, the noise, the traffic, the madness of it all, just wonderful. The mission was intensely challenging and hard work. But nothing could compare to the joy on the faces of the children, knowing that they were to get their surgery. It was all so humbling. So much in life can be taken for granted. Work like this, brings everyone back to Earth. This is by far the most rewarding gift you can give. Seeing the team work tirelessly to help as many patients in such a short time is amazing. I'm proud to be a member of the ORH family.

Daisy Tabilog

Daisy-TabilogphillippinesDentist & Orthodontist
Daisy is responsible for many of the ORH patients who have dental problems or conditions impeding surgery. It has always been her dream to help others and she feels honoured, proud and thankful to be a part of ORH. Daisy eagerly awaits the ORH Mission at Caloocan every year as she loves working with our entire team. “The ORH people have a golden heart, doing such a kind mission in our country. Because of their mission, I am able to do some charity work in my own little way”. She is continuing her studies in Orthodontic Surgery and has set herself a goal to be of even greater help to ORH in the coming years.

Dr Cory Aberin

cory aberin 125phillippinesENT Surgeon
Dr Aberin is a Volunteer Ent. Surgeon for Operation Restore Hope. Based in Manila, she is an invaluable asset to the ORH team, allowing cleft lip & palate surgery to continue throughout the year when the mission is not present. The ability to learn from some of the world’s best cleft palate surgeons and adopt new surgical techniques is just one of the reasons Dr Aberin enjoys being a part of ORH. She also finds that she makes fantastic friends each year through the experience and just loves the delicious donated lunches we receive at the hospital!

Dr Ahmed Alkadhi

ahmed 125nz flag-1Plastic Surgeon
Iraqi-born, Dr Ahmed Alkadhi is an overseas and New Zealand trained plastic surgeon. He has been settled in Hamilton, NZ with his wife Shirook and two boys since 1995.

Ahmed works in both the public (Waikato Hospital) and private (Tristram Clinic) systems in New Zealand and has a special interest in cleft palate and lip surgery.

He joined ORH in 2008 and enjoyed the overall experience and the company of what was the largest team ever to go across to the Philippines.

Dr Tristan de Chalain, Head of Mission, ORH – New Zealand

Tristan 125nz flag-1Plastic Surgeon
Tristan is a prominent academic surgeon in New Zealand. Born in Canada and raised in South Africa, he has settled in New Zealand with his wife Lauren and their two children. He is a widely trained surgeon and has a specific interest in paediatric and cranio facial surgery. He splits his work 50/50 between public and private practice. Tristan has been with Operation Restore Hope since 2001 and is continually struck by the incredible friendliness of the Filipino people he meets on every mission.

Dr Jim Garfield

gaffieldaussie flag-1Surgeon
Jim Gaffield originates from San Francisco but is currently living in Queensland, Australia. A Plastic Surgeon, Jim began working with the Operation Restore Hope team in 2003. He gains immense personal satisfaction from being able to make life easier for a child born into unfortunate circumstances and is overwhelmed by the kindness of Filipinos every year. Jim also loves coming back each year to experience the abundance of great food and lively entertainment in the Philippines.

Dr Christopher Wachsmuth, Head of Mission, ORH – Germany

Chris Wachsmuth 125agerman flagPlastic Surgeon
Christopher is from Leipzig in Germany. He practices plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and has a special interest in hand and burn surgery. He joined Operation Restore Hope in 2000 and has been an integral part of missions in both Manila and Cebu. Every year he looks forward to the opportunity to share skills and experience, the fantastic comradeship of the Operation Restore Hope team and the warmth of the Filipino people.