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Dave Chamley

dave chamley 125Dave is a graduate of Auckland Medical School in New Zealand. He trained in anaesthesia at Westminster and in Auckland, where he has worked at Middlemore Hospital as a specialist anaesethetist for over 20 years. Dave has a strong interest in anaesthesia for paediatric plastic surgery.

Dave joined Operation Restore Hope in 2004 and looks forward each year to sharing skills and experiencing the fantastic comradeship of the Operation Restore Hope team and the warmth of the Filipino people. He feels helping the needy people of the world is a way to give something back, and looks forward sometime to seeing something of the Philippines other than the less desirable parts of Manilla.

Dr Chris Flynn

chris flynn 125aChris joined Operation Restore Hope in 2005 as a Brian Horan Fellowship Anaesthetist. He returns each year to Manila looking forward to seeing the ORH team and getting to know some of the local parents and children.

Dr Simeon Eaton

sim1Simeon joined Operation Restore Hope in 2007 as a Brian Horan Fellow Anaesthetist. From Auckland, New Zealand, Simeon believes the mission is an excellent opportunity to use his skills for those in need. "It costs me relatively little, but gives me a great deal in terms of working with a superb group of people who are both dedicated to getting the work done and having fun while doing it".

Dr Chris Smit

chris smit 125aChris is a graduate of Auckland Medical School in New Zealand and did his post graduate training in paediatric anaesthesia in Western Australia and Toronto, Canada. He now works in Auckland as a Specialist Anaesthetist at Starship Children's Hospital.

Having been a part of Operation Restore Hope in Manila regularly since 2005, Chris lives in hope of one year having enough time and energy to explore the surfing options in the Philippines after the mission.

Dr Andrew Wong

andrew wong 125Andrew joined Operation Restore Hope in 2006 when he came along as a Brian Horan Fellowship Anaesthetist. He is currently working as a Specialist Anaesthetist at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. A graduate of Otago Medical School, Andrew did his Anaesthesia training in various hospitals in the Auckland area. He has particular interests in paediatric and regional anaesthesia.
Andrew hopes to further develop his karaoke skills on future missions to Manila.

Ewa Strick

ewa-strickTowards the end of my Anaesthesia training in New Zealand, I spent 18 months in Gasgow UK covering some general adult Anaesthesia, as well as a stint at Yorkhill Children's Hospital.

On my return to New Zealand 10 years ago, I took up a Consultant Anaesthetist position in Hamilton, working as one of six (now eight) Paediatric Anaesthetists in a Department of more than 40 Consultants. My practice involves approximately 50:50 adult:paediatric patients. My main interests include ENT, General and neonatal Paediatric surgery and Paediatric Plastic surgery. I feel honoured to be part of another ORH mission to the Philippines this year and am looking forward to it immensely.